Hi there,

Let’s start off by saying —

Welcome to my humble blog — imVictorLee.com.

My name is Victor Lee and I live in a small country in Southeast Asia — Singapore.

Here’s a little information about myself. I love connecting with people and I do hope that through my blog I am able to share information which can help you.

Victor Lee


Who is Victor Lee and why should you care?

You’re right, I may not be somebody you really care about. I am just a typical guy from the island of Singapore who had been working with the cable industry for many years, thirteen years in total before I decided that enough is enough. Then everything changed…

In 2009, I attended a personal development preview workshop by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies (AKLTG) in Singapore. I have never ever attended such workshops in my life and the reason I attended was because I was curious at how this young man became a self-made millionaire at age 26.

What Adam shared that night changed my life.

In his workshop, Adam highlighted that why he is so successful today is because he used and practiced the Ultimate Success Formula, and quite frankly, it is the first time I see such a formula in my life.

Ultimate Success Formula


After looking at the formula over and over again, I turned to my wife who was with me at that time and said, “This is our chance to change our lives.”

No, it is not because Adam’s sales pitch was awesome (well, he was awesome). It was because that our time had come. It was because I realised in my 34 years of life, I did not have a goal in life. I was ‘clueless’ about where my life was heading. I was living each day as it came by without a destination. Sounds familiar?

So we made our decision and embarked on our first journey, as we took on the Patterns of Excellence program with AKLTG. This program transformed our minds as we open our hearts to possibilities and finally realised that we have the potential to do so much more and so much better.

The program also made me begin to learn and grow myself over the years, as I sought out growth from other seminars, books, audio CDs and many more.

My journey took me to Internet MarketingInvesting, and Network Marketing and more. We were on our pursuit to financial freedom.

What does financial freedom mean to me?

It simply means that I can stop working and have enough assets to make my money work for me so that I can live a comfortable lifestyle.

My journey, both personal and business, has been filled with many changes since and I did not look back. My wife and I are still working hard in pursuit of success and freedom, and we are enjoying every moment of this journey. Was the change scary? You bet! But we took faith, and we took courage to find true happiness for ourselves.

Other facts about Victor Lee:

  • I love my family. I have a lovely wife and 2 amazing kids. (Image above)
  • I am currently not working because I am self-employed.
  • I take good care of my health. I used to be overweight and unhealthy. If you want to see my physical changes from 2010 to today, you can check out my other blog at http://slimminginsingapore.blogspot.com.
  • I believe very strongly in passive income. That is why I am working hard in building my businesses.
  • I love reading. This is a cultivated habit. In the past, I dreaded reading but ever since I found value in it, I have been reading every day.
  • I also love people watching and taking time out on my own to think about — stuffs, just stuffs, random stuffs. You can say it is my way of de-stressing myself from work.
  • I love good food, although I am now more conscious about what I put in my mouth, still one or two indulgence is okay with me once a while.
  • I am a Big Fan of Dragonball.

Why Blog – imVictorLee.com?

I just want to share my journey and connect with people. In fact, I started blogging in 2009 but stopped because I was too caught up with other stuff in my life. I enjoy writing and penning my thoughts. Expect me to blog about anything here, although I will tend to share more about Internet Marketing related topics. I hope to inspire others that everyone, no matter who you are and how your background is, deserves success. I too, am working hard on my success.

If you would like to join us on this journey, or if you would like to share with us your own journey towards freedom, do connect with me. 

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To Your Happiness
Victor Lee