RIP #MH370. My Deepest Condolences


I was thinking of writing a blog post on something I read on John C. Maxwell’s book. Instead I changed my mind as I read through the news on flight MH370. To be honest, I have not been following much on this as there are too many different versions of news on the Internet. All…

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What if you can get things done online for just $5? Introducing – a resource worth considering. I have been learning about Internet Marketing for a while now and one of the frustrations I face is there are so many things to learn, and do and I simply can’t cope with all of them…

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What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

what do you want to be remembered for

I have just finished watching an DVD interview of millionaires and one of the questions got stuck in my mind. The question asked was, “What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?” Frankly, this question has never crossed my mind before. I know I want to become successful and I want to be rich. I…

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An Apple A Day

an apple a day

Can an apple a day change the world? Well, in my opinion, it can. Most of us have heard of the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is simple way of telling us that it takes only an apple a day to keep ourselves healthy. But how many people

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Millionaire Mind Intensive March 2014

I have just finished attending T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar for March 2014. What is different this time is I am participating as a crew member. I first attend Millionaire Mind Intensive back in 2011. Looking back, I remember experiencing new concepts and perception of wealth and money and was pretty amazed at…

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Blue Pill or Red Pill [The Matrix – 1999]

The Matrix has once been my favorite movie. To me, it was not just a movie. It was an experience. A mind blowing experience. Apart from its super cool visual effects, I liked the idea of us living in a virtual world without actually knowing the truth. I mean, real or unreal – it’s all…

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How Much Is Your Television?

watching television

Most people will begin to think of the brand and model of their television they own and the cost of that TV when they are asked the following question: How Much Is Your Television? or How Much Does Your Television Cost You? The question I am asking today is not how much your television costs.…

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My Second Mind Movie

What is a Mind Movie? As mentioned in my previous post Happy Lunar New Year 2014, I discovered a fun way of visualizing things from my Vision Board in a more fun way — putting them into a video. Simply put, a mind movie is putting your visualizations (Law of Attraction) into motion, instead of looking…

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Dreams – What You Expect And What You Accept

Everyone has got some dreams we want to achieve in our lives. Some of these dreams come from people who achieved them and in return, we are inspired to achieve the same dreams. We may dream of making a five-figure income, owning a luxury or sports car, owning a million dollar property, or having a…

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Dreams – 許芳宜 – 不怕我和世界不一樣 TED Taipei

Today I would like to share about dreams. I watched this video a year ago, watched it recently and am still inspired by it. It’s about a lady’s dream to become a professional dancer. Her name is  許芳宜. This video on TED Taipei titled 許芳宜 – 不怕我和世界不一樣 TED Taipei has been a constant inspiration to me in…

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