My Honest Review Of Internet Income Intensive Singapore 2015 By Peng Joon

Internet Income Intensive Singapore 2015

This is my honest review of Internet Income Intensive Singapore 2015 by Peng Joon, one of the top Internet Marketer worldwide, and definitely dominating Asia. He is also a top Clickbank affiliate and vendor.

I attended his seminar over the past three days and as I mentioned before, I am a big believer of Internet Marketing since 2010. I have also bought many programs these years and although I am not 100% focused on this business model, I believed in its potential. Therefore, at the National Achiever’s Congress 2015, I signed up to Peng Joon’s Internet Income Intensive seminar.

peng joon and victor lee

Peng Joon and Victor Lee at National Achievers Congress 2015

The three days’ time at his workshop was not spent in vain. As I have signed up for other courses before (some of them more highly priced than this), I have found tremendous value in his workshop.

At the end of the three days, Peng Joon has helped me with the following:

  1. Have a fully functional website ready.
  2. Helped me learn the process of building my own product.
  3. Set up my payment gateway for selling products.
  4. Make money online even without owning any product.
  5. Let me understand the sales funnel of the Internet Marketing business.
  6. Provides solutions for outsourcing the necessary work.
  7. Provide readily made products and websites for me to start my business going.

Apart from the three days, Peng Joon has given full lifetime access to the lessons he taught at Internet Income Intensive so that one may continuously learn and apply after the three days workshop.

Internet Income Intensive

Actually, I met Peng Joon on stage in 2014’s National Achievers Congress Singapore. His “on-stage” sincerity was what made me want to learn more from him, but I wasn’t ready to jump into his program without first finding out more. After all, he is a very young guy. There was doubt in me back then. Hence, I went online and researched more about him. There were very good reviews about him. Of course, there will be some negative feedback as well but I understand that with anything, there will be lovers and haters.

Peng Joon has worked with many big names in the Internet Marketing Industry. John Chow (arguably world’s number #1 blogger), Alex Mandossian, Jeremy Schoemaker (known for his $100,000 cheque from Adsense in a single month), Kaleb Nation and many more.

Peng Joon is also a very sincere person as I felt his sincerity during the three days. He shared many tips and secrets with the participants and when I say he shared tips, I really do mean tips. Being online for a while myself, I believe I do know something about what he shared and some of these tips surprised me.

Apart from the “usual stuffs” from his course, the biggest takeaway I had was his willingness to share his business and success mindsets. That’s actually the other reason I took up his course. He literally blew me away with some of his mindsets about businesses that surprised me because of his young age. I honestly believe that I have a lot more to learn from this young man, probably ten years my junior, but ten times smarter than me.

Anyway, I have learned a lot from Peng Joon in his Internet Income Intensive seminar. Having said so, you do have to apply what you learned from him to make it online. It is the serious commitment and action that will make one successful.

Having said so, Peng Joon’s Internet Income Intensive training comes with a price (not too high but significant) and although it gives you everything you need to start an online business, there is no guarantee you will earn money online. I would say it gives a good start for many who is new to the Internet Marketing world.

If you are serious in building an online business to grow your passive income, then I highly recommend you to check this out, where there is a community of supporting online entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge in the community to help each other. One of the things I learned these years is the importance of support in this journey and how a supportive community can change and improve results massively.

If you are also a graduate of Peng Joon’s Internet Income Intensive, please share your experience with his course by commenting below. I am sure we all can learn something from you as well.

And if you are an affiliate marketer or am learning to become one, may I invite you to join our Facebook group – Affiliate Marketing Tips Exchange, where members can learn and contribute with tools and tips for fellow marketers to up our affiliate marketing game.

Oh yes, one last thing – you may want to check out the one thing I learned from Peng Joon that is super important in my online marketing journey and perhaps it is important to you too.

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most.
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About The Author

Victor Lee

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most. Click Here if you would like an opportunity to work with Victor.


  • Paul Hoh

    Reply Reply November 30, 2015

    Hi Victor, I have just finished attending the 1 day Masters of Wealth event and Peng Joon was on stage to give his presentation. I am quite tempted to sign up for his Internet Income Intensive course and found that the price he offered for his course is reasonable. I would like to know after attending his course and as of now, what is your result like? Like how fast does it take to get started earning some money (I am not expecting a get rich quick scheme here). And most importantly how does he help someone who has no knowledge on Internet Marketing to keep improving and hence increase the amount of passive income as well.

    • Victor Lee

      Reply Reply November 30, 2015

      Hi Paul,

      I attended MOW too. I am glad you enjoyed it as I did. For Peng Joon’s course, I can say there is great value to attend his Internet Income Intensive if you are new to Internet Marketing. However, I would say that results vary according to the students’ actions and I must admit I have not done much since attending his course as I am currently pursuing my career with more passion. IM was more of a second passion thing. Anyway, Peng Joon not only covers Internet Marketing stuff in the 3 days but also mindsets that can help open up people’s mind to entrepreneurship. This is invaluable. But if you already have IM knowledge than be warned that there are many things you may have already learned and knew. All I can say is making money online is possible, but like any business it requires time and effort. Anyway, if you would like to know more from me, feel free to connect with me at

  • Nhan

    Reply Reply December 2, 2015

    Hi Victor, thank you so much for sharing. Im considering to join Internet Income Intensive, it will start in next 2 days, but there is something i wonder and hope to hear your opinion. Firstly, i attended some courses about online marketing before, so what i’ve known well so far that is SEO, google + fb ads, creating business website, wordpress, backlink, getting traffic from social network such as facebook, youtube, forum… Do you think i still need to attend III course? Secondly, I had my own websites and i just bought a new domain last month but i haven’t done anything with that domain. Should i buy new domain on before the first day of the course or i can use my domain? Thirdly, did you get the mobile hard disk? Im curios what content in it and is it useful for you?

    • Victor Lee

      Reply Reply December 2, 2015

      Hi Nhan,

      Seems like you have a lot of knowledge about the Internet. Internet Marketing is different though cause it focus more on the marketing aspect. Peng’s course can show you that but not in depth. It’s still a good course to get someone started but if you already have knowledge then you don’t really need to pay that amount just to learn to get started because getting started is simply taking action on what you already know. My best takeaway from his course is his mindsets in entrepreneurship and less of the Internet stuff. That is worth more than the tech stuff to me.

      If you intend to go for his course, there will be pre-course instructions which include buying a domain name aspart of his pre-course preparation. I don’t think I should reveal too much about his course as it may not be fair to him. All I can say is Peng Joon will teach you what is required to succeed in Internet Marketing and the rest is up to his students. 🙂

      One last thing to share though – Peng taught me there are two types of people. Whatever he teaches are available on the Internet if you look hard enough. However, the first type will look for the free way, and spends time and makes mistakes in learning. The second type will be willing to pay the price to learn from someone who have succeeded. There is nothing wrong with both types of people because at the end of the day both will need to take action to succeed. It’s only the difference between paying and learning fast, or getting it free and DIY.

      Hope this helps in your decision making.

  • Kok Seong

    Reply Reply February 1, 2016

    I find Peng Joon an amazing teacher and mentor as well. His event changed my life. Thanks for your input!

  • August

    Reply Reply August 4, 2017

    did Peng joon pay you any money to write this?
    or are you gonna delete my question?

    • Victor Lee

      Reply Reply August 29, 2017

      Hi August,
      Thank you for writing. No, Peng Joon did not pay me anything for writing this (how I wish he did). It is an honest review for his III workshop in 2015.

  • Kevin

    Reply Reply October 12, 2017

    Hello Victor,
    I am a small business owner in California, USA.
    I am working hard to build my business so other can. What’s ever this marketing fever from these. I believe humans on this earth always want to be reach not hard working. No way anyone follow his step to be success. Successful came from your mentality, focus, no complains, highly motivation.

    I am typing right now from after my sending my clients invoices that we did doing the day And right now is 11:38pm 10/11/2017.

    People need wake-up and everyone will shine when your time but need start now what you are doing.

    I don’t trust internet motivate talk but I trust internet teaching how to be human-been and works hard help other like (simon Sinek)

    • Victor Lee

      Reply Reply October 23, 2017

      Hi Kevin, yes I totally agree. Success comes from mindset and real hard work not just dreams. All the best to your business and may you achieve your dreams and goals.

  • Hey Victor,
    I’m a recent graduate from Peng Joon’s Internet Income Intensive in Singapore December 2017. I must say this is one of the best internet marketing seminar that I have attended. Peng Joon definitely over-delivered what he had promised.

    Your review is awesome and I highly recommend anyone to invest in this.


    • Victor Lee

      Reply Reply January 9, 2018

      Hi Jerry,
      Thank you for your comment and indeed, Peng Joon’s seminar is amazing.
      I wish you success in your Internet Marketing journey.

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