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If you’re thinking of starting an online business, one of the easiest way to start making money is through affiliate marketing. Today, I will attempt to breakdown what is online marketing and what is affiliate marketing? More importantly, if you are new to affiliate marketing, I hope this post can help you if you want to get started.

1. What is online marketing?

Online marketing takes place in many forms. If you are not new to the online world, you will know that there are millions of people making money online using many different methods. I’m not talking about scams and illegal means. I’m talking about making money online legitimately. Simply put, online marketing is the use of tools and strategies to sell or market something online – and it can be a brand, product, or simply to raise awareness.

Online marketing is a very broad based term. It can include but not limited to:

1. PPC marketing
2. Search engine marketing
3. Email marketing
4. Banner marketing
5. Content marketing
6. Social media marketing
7. Affiliate marketing

I shall not go into details as there are tons of information online about the various types of online marketing strategies but will focus on affiliate marketing as I find that for an individual who wants to make money online fast, this is the easiest way you can start an online business.

2. What is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you (the affiliate) can earn a commission by referring or promoting other people’s product or products. It is the relationship between an advertiser (product owner), a publisher (you or promoter), and the consumer (buyer) that makes affiliate marketing as an effective marketing strategy.

Why is someone willing to pay affiliates for promoting his product?

The reason is simple – exposure and traffic. Take a digital product like an ebook for example. If the product owner sells the ebook at $47 and gets 100 buyers himself, he will earn $4,700 from his sale. However, he will have to use his own efforts and probably advertising to reach this 100 customers or buyers, assuming that his efforts can only reach 100 people.

If he opens up his ebook to 100 affiliates for example, and is willing to give them 50% commissions, and these 100 affiliates get 100 people each to buy the $47 ebook, he will be making a sale of $470,000 and after deducting commissions, he still makes $235,000. How is that compared to $4,700 trying to sell the product on his own?

So we can now see the obvious benefit of having a product that sells through affiliates. But what about the affiliates themselves? What benefit do they have as an affiliate?

Well, if you are new to marketing online, and have little or no experience, the benefit of being an affiliate marketer is that you can start earning money online without the need to have your own product. Having a product to sell may sound like a great idea because you can truly earn a lot of money from it but the idea of creating the product and marketing the product can be daunting to many. Without experience, it may takes months or even years for you to come up with your own product to sell online.

Being an affiliate marketer, on the other hand, requires little or no effort in the product creation process. What you do as an affiliate marketer is simply to follow the following steps:

  1. Find a product to promote
  2. Use the product
  3. Promote the product
  4. Start earning commissions

Sounds simple? It’s not really that complicated actually.

Now before you dismiss me as someone who simplifies things too much, let me share more with you about the types of products you can promote, how to promote, the strategies I use to promote and the tools that can help you in running a successful affiliate marketing campaign. You can then decide if affiliate marketing is for you.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing

There are two parts to this question. The first part is to understand what are the stages of affiliate marketing. Simply put, what goes through the process of earning a commission by referring a buyer to the seller? There are only 5 simple stages involved:

  1. Buyer looks for something he wants to buy online
  2. Buyer finds an affiliate site
  3. Affiliate sends buyer to the merchant (seller) site
  4. Buyer buys the product through the referral
  5. Affiliate gets a commission from the sale

This is a simplified version of the entire sales process. Of course, I will share the various ways a buyer can land on an affiliate site later but I do hope you get the idea.

The second part to the question will be to know how the sellers know who is referring the sale to them? Well, this is done through a tracking URL, which is a unique link and ID given to you by the affiliate company. This is called an affiliate link. With the unique affiliate link, the company is able to track who does the referral to their product page and credits the sale accordingly. The important point to take note here is different company and products may have different duration for crediting the referral. For example, if product A has a crediting duration (usually called cookie) of 3 days, and you referred a buyer who buys the product from your referral link within 3 days, you earn the commission. But if the buyer buys the product after a week of consideration, then you don’t earn the commission. Many affiliate program offers a 60-day cookie period.

Type of Affiliate Products / Offers to promote

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote and sell digital products, physical products or memberships to your prospects. Although the idea of affiliate marketing is to make money online, it is always preferred if you can promote products that you either believe in or have used and found it useful. That’s because people who buys through your recommendation trust you for your advice and imagine if they find out that what you are promoting is some useless product that you have not used before, chances are they will never buy from you again.

Digital products will include things like ebooks, video courses, and audio downloads. Physical products will include anything physical – from TVs to mobile phones, to furnitures and fashion wear. It’s basically anything that you cannot download online. Memberships are subscriptions that charge a recurring fee in order for the prospect to have access to information and privileges exclusive to members. For an affiliate, this is probably the best product to promote as the income is recurring.

There is also a type of online advertising model that an affiliate marketer can earn from. It is called CPA, or Cost Per Action where you send traffic to someone who is collecting leads like an email address and a name. Basically, the advertiser will pay when a specific action like a sale, form submit or click is performed.

Where To Find Products / Offers To Promote?

The next question is where do we find the products to promote? Depending on your interest or niche, there are many sources for you to find products to promote as an affiliate. I have included some popular sources for you to reference but there is a lot more out there. Do some extra research to see which platform suits you better.

1) Digital Products

Clickbank is probably the most commonly known platform for digital products. Here you will find products from investing, fitness, parenting, games and many more that you can choose to promote. You need to sign up for a free Clickbank account to get your affiliate ID. This is an example of a Clickbank product.


JVZoo is another big marketplace for affiliate marketers to find digital products to promote. This is an example of a JVZoo digital product.affiliate blogging ninja

WarriorPlus is another marketplace that has great affiliate products to promote. Generally, the products are lower priced than those in JVZoo. This is an example of a WP+ product.

Zero To Hero

Muncheye is not an affiliate gateway. However, it gives you a quick bird’s eye view of the upcoming product launches in the various marketplaces.

2) Physical Products

Amazon is the king of digital products. You can buy almost anything on amazon. Check out somer of the bestsellers that are selling like hotcakes in amazon right now! To be an amazon affiliate, you need to go to Amazon Homepage and look for Become an Affiliate at the bottom of the assoicate

CJ affiliate by CONVERSANT is another great place to promote physical products. Unlike amazon who only cookies your link for 24 hours (this means that if someone clicks on your link and buys the product within 24 hours, you are paid and if they buys after 24 hours, the sale does not go to you), CJ’s cookie lasts between 1 – 120 days.

Shareasale is another great resource for finding products to promote because there are many product merchants there. It also has a long history since founded in 2000 and there are more than 2,000 programs to choose from.



3) Memberships

The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network is founded by Misha Wilson and in less than a year, the team has already surpassed one million revenue and is constantly growing fast. This is because the SAN (in short) is focused only on helping affiliates dive into profit mode really fast although it tends to skip training on other aspects of Internet Marketing like how to build a website. It’s fast paced training teaches the secrets of Solo Ads (something which has baffled me for a long time) and Misha’s training on Solo Ad is not only detailed but highly effective. Once you join and go through the 21 Day Profit Boosting Bootcamp and start implementing the strategies, you are almost guaranteed to get your first sale online. Click here to check out the Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson.


You can find many membership programs offered in Clickbank but you have to filter through the marketplace to find good programs that can actually offer value to your followers. This is a good example of a membership program -> Chris Farrell Membership. I joined Chris Farrell Membership many years ago and found tremendous value from him. He offers very simple step by step guide to setup your own website and teaches you the many aspects of internet marketing. Very useful for a beginner.

Freedym is founded by Ryan Lee and is often advertised as the “Netflix” for internet marketing entrepreneurs. There are tons of valuable videos by real internet experts who teaches you the various aspects of the business – from building membersites, to facebook marketing, to email marketing and many more. It only costs $30 a month ($1 a day) and also offers a 7-day $1 trial where you can gain access to all modules in Freedym. 

4) CPA Networks

CPA, or Cost Per Action, is a little bit different from the above mentioned affiliate marketing platforms. The ones above are per sales basis, meaning you only get commissions when your buyer buys through your affiliate link. CPA, on the other hand, may only require your customers (or visitors) to complete a certain action, for example, fill out a form in order for you to get paid.

Peerfly and MaxBounty are the most common and highly recommended CPA networks as they have many CPA products for you to promote. For more affiliate networks, check out Do note that you might want to get started with other affiliate networks first before you dive into CPA because you probably need some experience to be able to run successful CPA campaigns.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Products?

There are many ways a marketer can help to promote the products. The first thing I strongly recommend is to use the products first. If however you have a limited budget to buy all the products you intend to promote, you can try to check and ask the product vendor for a review copy (for digital products) or at least do extensive research about the product before you recommend to others. Not all product owners will grant you review versions but hey, if you don’t try, you won’t know right?

Okay, back to the ways of promoting an affiliate product.

1. Product Reviews

You can create a product review on your blog post to highlight what you like and dislike about the product you recommend. Let your readers understand the product from your point of view and why you recommend the product. If they like what they read, there may be a chance that they will purchase it through your link and this earns you a commission. You can also do a video review and post it on Youtube. Then embed the video back on your blog post to give your post additional value. In this way, Youtube viewers may also chance on your video on Youtube itself.

2. Banner Ads

Another way of promoting your product can be through banner ads in your blog. Putting banners on your sidebar may get some clicks to them. Putting banners like this in between posts is another way you can bring it to your readers’ attention. Lastly, you can also buy banner placements from other websites or blogs if your budget allows. This can be quite effective if the website has high traffic.

3. PPC / Facebook Ads

Advertising is a quick way to bring attention to your offers. However, take note that there is a lot to learn about advertising and one should not jump into it without proper understanding of how it works otherwise your pockets will be burned. I personally spent money on both google Adwords and Facebook without proper understanding and wasted my money. Also, you cannot point your ads to your affiliate links as it is not allowed. Having said so, I believe this form of advertising is one of the most effective way of promoting a product but as mentioned, do your due diligence if you are to employ these methods.

4. Email marketing

Most affiliates will know that building a list is arguably the best way to promote affiliate products. That’s because when you build a list, and your list follows and responds to your emails, chances are they will already get to know more about you and trust your recommendations. The way to market via email is to provide value to your readers or followers and have the intention to help them achieve their goals. For example, if you have a list for people who wants to slim down or get healthy, start by providing them information that can help them get started and subsequently recommend products that can either help them expedite the process or simply to make their results even better. I personally prefer this method because I know for sure that the ones who purchase my recommendations trust me and my products.

Other Ways Of Promoting Products

If you own a website or a blog, you can also put up a simple resource page that relates to your niche. In this way, your readers can easily have access to your recommendations and if they like what they see, you make a sale. And besides product reviews, you can also create how-to videos that teaches your prospects how to use the products you recommend. Provide simple solutions and instructions to help them gain confidence in the product. Remember, there are many ways to promote a product and there is no fixed formula. Most important is do it for your prospects’ sake and always have the mind of helping them make a wise decision.

I hope you have gotten tremendous value for this post How To Get Started On Affiliate Marketing. If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, I recommend that you pick up some basics by joining Chris Farrell Membership as the training is pretty much comprehensive for starters. However, if you are looking for an affiliate program that can help you to build an online income fast, and with an excellent support team, check out the Super Affiliate Network as this training dives straight to the mechanics of making money online but skips the nitty gritty.

If you are an affiliate marketer or am learning to become one, may I invite you to join our Facebook group – Affiliate Marketing Tips Exchange, where members can learn and contribute with tools and tips for fellow marketers to up our affiliate marketing game.

If you have any question feel free to post in the comments below and if you find this post helpful, please give me some love by sharing this post.

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most.
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Victor Lee

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most. Click Here if you would like an opportunity to work with Victor.

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