How To Choose A Profitable Product To Promote?

There are many benefits of affiliate marketing but most new marketers face the challenge of how to choose a profitable product to promote?

The truth is there are millions of products in the different niches so choosing the right products for your market can be difficult at times. You wouldn’t want to promote something that your followers find useless.

So the benefits of affiliate marketing are mainly you do not need to create your own product for the marketplace. Of course, if you are able to create your own product, there is a higher chance for you to make more money since you keep 100% of the profits but for a new online marketer who has little or no knowledge in product creation, promoting someone else’s product can be a very good way to start.

Also, you do not need to provide support to your customers. The product seller will be the one providing support and all you have to do is to drive traffic to the product itself.

So how do we choose a profitable product to promote?

There are many types of products in the online world but they are mainly divided into two main categories – physical products or digital products. For the purpose of this blog post, I am going to discuss about digital products. A digital product is something you can obtain online – like a downloadable ebook, an audio file, or a series of video trainings. You do not need to receive it physically to start consuming the content within.

So before you choose a profitable digital product to promote, you will have to determine what niche the product belongs, and of course, for it to be profitable, it means you have to make money out of it. There is no point promoting a product if you know no one is buying it online at all, right?

Some of the more profitable niches online include the MMO (Make Money Online) niche, personal development, weight loss, dating etc.

The next step is to identify where to find products to promote? The common places for digital products include, JVZoo, OfferVault and Conversant (formerly known as Commission Junction). Head over to any of them and browse through their marketplace to have an idea of what you can promote as an affiliate.

For example, on, if you check out the E-business and E-marketing category, you may find that the digital product The CB Passive Income For 2017! has an average refill total of $129.56 and an initial sale of $32.38. This means that if anyone buys through this link that you promote, there is potential that you will be earning more than $100 a month. Not bad for sharing something online huh?


Please note that I am only quoting this as an example. I have not bought or used this product before.

So apart from checking out some statistics about the product to promote, what are the considerations you need to note when you choose a profitable product to promote?

Here are the 4 components of a profitable online offer:

1. Believe in and use the product.

First of all, the product must be of high value to your buyers. And the best way to make sure that the product is of high value is to be a product user and to believe that the product can help you and your followers. If you promote a product which you have not used before, and that it turns out to be absolute junk, not only will the refund rate be high, you will also lose the trust between you and your online followers and friends. So always, always promote something that you believe strongly in.

2. Product must have a targetted and hungry market

Let’s be honest and face it. If you are promoting something online, chances are you want to make money out of it too. Hence, it is important to note that what you promote must have a ready and hungry market where people will be willing to take out their credit card and buy your recommended product. I mean, there is no point you promote a product that no one is even interested in. For example, in the MMO niche, there are many people who wants to learn or know how to make money online and they will be willing to purchase products to help them. Similarly for the weight loss niche, there is a hungry market out there for people who desperately wants to lose weight.

3. Must have competition.

I used to fall prey to this. When I first started out doing my product research, I was super excited when I found a niche and product where there was literally little or no competition. I thought I struck gold only to find that the niche I thought was gold was actually not profitable. That is the reason why there was no competition. So make sure that the product you want to promote has high competition. Do not worry about competition because the Internet is a world of abundance. You just have to promote it to the right people for you.

4. Ascension sales funnel

Photo above is taken from The Super Affiliate Network

To be profitable in your promotions, you have to be careful to select a product where there is a profitable funnel. Let’s say you are promoting a product for $47 and you are paid 50%. Assuming you invested in $100 paid advertising and sold three offers, you are still in the red. You will need to make more than 4 sales to go into profit mode.

Having an ascension sales funnel changes all this. Imagine you still use $100 paid advertising that resulted in 3 sales. These 3 new customers then ascend through your ascension sales funnel and perhaps one of them buys an additional product for $297.

This immediately sets you into profit mode by $219 commissions, assuming the offers are all paid out 50%.

If that customer loves the system and goes further to purchase the license rights to the system at $2497, you would have made close to $1,500, and it all started with  an investment of $100.

Of course, this is just an example of an ascension sales funnel but the key thing is having an ascension sales funnel beats not having one when choosing a profitable product to promote.

In conclusion, there are many considerations when choosing a profitable product to promote. So take your time to find the product you really love and believe strongly in. Your customers are going to love it as much as you do.

I hope you find the information above of value. If you get value out of today’s post, leave me a quick comment letting me know what your biggest takeaway was and don’t forget to hit the Facebook Share and Google + Share buttons below this post!


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Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most.
Click Here if you would like an opportunity to work with Victor.

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Victor Lee

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most. Click Here if you would like an opportunity to work with Victor.

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