Brooks Marina Run 2015

Brooks Marina Run 2015 - Valentine's Victor Lee and Amily Ng

I have always disliked running as a sport for as long as I could remember. Even when I was in my primary school days, I dreaded running as part of my Physical Education. All other sports were fine even though I am not a very sporty person but when it comes to running, I would avoid it at all costs.

Naturally, when my lovely wife asked me to go for the Brooks Marina Run 2015, my first response was no. I had no intention of joining the run to torture myself.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” she said.

Nope!” was my answer.

“We should challenge ourselves.” she said.

“Nope, I do not need to.” was my answer again.

“It’ll be on Valentine’s Day dear. Make this a special one for us. Make this a memorable one for us.”

Well, how can I refuse a request like this, when it’s asked by my one and only lovely dear.

“Okay…” came the answer.

And so I registered for the run, along with some friends. And we had about close to a month to train for the run. Some of our friends were diligently training almost every week, as we could see from their Facebook updates. My wife and I, we only ‘trained’ once, for 2 kilometres. The run was for 10km.

The month passed…

And finally the big day was here. Brooks Marina Run 2015.

We put on our gear, and headed to the event venue. On our way there, we took pictures, posted on Facebook and were excited, or at least appeared to be excited. Deep in my heart, I was on panic mode. Damn!!! What did I sign up myself for? I was not prepared for it. I was not even ready to prepare for it.

I started feeling unwell. I think I’ve got a headache… No, I think I have a stomachache. I definitely have a stomachache. Something just wasn’t right. I wanted to give up, even before I reach the starting point. I wanted to give up the run… Some little voice in my head was telling me, “Come on, you didn’t train. You can’t make it. It’s 10 kilometres you know? When was the last time you ran 10km? Just tell your wife you will join her next year. Don’t worry, she will understand.”

Then another voice talked to me, “Hey, you just attended a workshop in your daughter’s school about “Resilience” remember? Is this the example you want to set for your children? Is this how you are going to show your love to your wife? Your one and only lovely dear?”

Okay okay, I get it. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

So I continued to prepare myself mentally and we prepared for the run. I also popped a fair bit of supplements (physically and psychologically I think it helped) and we met up with our friends, and proceeded to the starting point. My wife and I took some selfies.Brooks Marina Run 2015 - Valentine's Victor Lee and Amily Ng

Brooks Marina Run 2015 - Valentine's Victor Lee and Amily NgRomantic, weren’t we?

Anyway, at the start point, my wife asked me to set a target time for completing the run. What? I was like thinking I don’t even know if I could complete it and you asked me to set a target for timing? I simply smiled at her. Being the fitter one among us, I knew she could run long distance very well. She set a time of 1hr 20min, knowing that she too did not train for this run. I just told myself if I can cover every kilometre in 10min and complete the run, it would be a big feat for me.

And so we ran…

Good thing was the weather was great and it was windy. The scenery was good too.

For the first 2 kilometres we ran together. I knew she was accommodating to my slow speed so at the 2 kilometres mark I asked her to go ahead while I continued to run slow. And then I walked… I was starting to feel out of breath.

I walked a bit and ran a bit and when I reached around 3km, my feet started to feel like burning. I started thinking to myself, “Why don’t I walk all the way back? That’ll be less tiring and my legs won’t burn or hurt.” But then I remembered my target for myself and I knew that if I walked all the way back, I would never hit my target. So I pressed on. I ran some distance and walked some to recover my strength. Then I ran again.

By the time I hit the 4km mark, I could feel that both my legs were numb. They felt so tight that I could hardly feel them. Again, I wanted to slip back into my comfort zone and walk all the way. Luckily again, that little ‘good’  voice tells me not to give up. But by now I was feeling pretty fatigue, and physically it was very challenging to press on. I had to think of something to motivate myself. I looked at the runners around me. There were the fit ones, and there were the struggling ones like myself. Nope, not very motivating. I looked at the scenery. It was nice. I tried to enjoy the wind blowing. It made me more comfortable but no, it was not motivating. How? How? How? What could I do? Then I remembered…

I had my mobile phone in my pouch, and I had my earpiece with me.

So I hooked up my earpiece to my ear and started listening to some music. The first song was Live While We’re Young by One Direction. Now, that was motivating. So I picked up my speed and ran and stretched myself. It lasted for a pretty good distance.

Sometimes, we just need a change of strategy to get things moving in the directions of our goals.

So I passed the 5 and 6 kilometre mark but felt tired again. But this time I knew I was already halfway to the finishing line and I knew that with persistence I could complete the run. I started to focus on completing the run instead of the pain and strangely, I did not recall seeing the 7 kilometre mark. Maybe because I was too tired to notice my surroundings because the next time I saw the marker was at the 8km mark. I knew I was close, and honestly, I was very surprised I actually got this far.

The last 2km was tough, but not as tough as the first 4km. Somehow, the fact that I was going to complete the run inspired me to focus on the end point rather than the pain. Again, I ran, walked, ran, and walked and finally completed my first ever 10km run.

And the surprising thing is I completed it within the target time set for myself. That, to me, was an achievement.

Yes, it was not the best timing compared to many runners.

Yes, it might even be considered slow.

But Yes, what mattered to me most was not how fast others run. It was how I did not compromise and made sure I complete my own 10km run.

Most importantly, I now know I fulfilled my wife’s dream, to complete our run together, on Valentine’s Day.

As I write this post, my body is aching like crazy. But as I was sending my daughter to her Chinese enrichment class this morning, I told her that both my wife and I have earned ourselves a 10km run medal. She was very happy and proud of us.

And that’s all that matters to me. It’s not about the run. It’s about my love ones being proud of the person I can be. It’s the look on their faces that matters most.

Will I ever run again? I do not know. Maybe yes, maybe no. Fear is always there. Always. But now I know that courage can overcome fear.

And I also know that this is definitely the most memorable Valentine’s Day Run in my life.

Here are the photos of our run…

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most.
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Victor Lee

Victor Lee is the owner of Passionate in Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development and Training, Victor hopes to equip more people with skills and knowledge not just to make money online, but to have financial and time freedom for the things that matter most. Click Here if you would like an opportunity to work with Victor.

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