3 Part Formula To Your Online Success

If you are an online entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer, this post may benefit you. In this short post, I will share a simple 3 part formula on how to get the success you want online. In fact, this formula is not shared by me but rather by Misha  Wilson, founder of The Super Affiliate…

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Viddyoze – Is It Worth Buying?

If you have an interest in video editing or video marketing, then you probably would have known what a video intro maker is. A video intro is a short clip that is inserted before the actual video content as a way to make your video more interesting. And in the past few months, a very…

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Sam Choo – Singapore Internet Marketers

I first ‘knew’ Sam Choo, founder of Facebook group Singapore Internet Marketers about a year ago when I was researching about copywriting on google. I forgot how I landed on his website copywritingwithsam.com but my first impression was he is a good copywriter. Subsequently, I managed to find him on Facebook and added him as…

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How To Make A Video Intro For Free


I’ve been wanting to create a free intro video to put at the beginning of my videos. You know the fancy introduction videos you see at the beginning of many youtube videos? Yes, I wanted to make one for my own videos but I did not want to spend any money making one as it’s only about…

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GUIDE: How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, one of the easiest way to start making money is through affiliate marketing. Today, I will attempt to breakdown what is online marketing and what is affiliate marketing? More importantly, if you are new to affiliate marketing, I hope this post can help you if you want…

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Good… Bad… Who Knows? – A Short Story

Once upon a time, a king was out hunting when he injured his finger. His doctor, who always accompanies him on a hunt helped put a bandage on the wound. “Is it going to be fine?” the king asked the doctor. The doctor replied, “Good… Bad… Who knows?” By the time the king returned from…

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How To Choose A Profitable Product To Promote?

There are many benefits of affiliate marketing but most new marketers face the challenge of how to choose a profitable product to promote? The truth is there are millions of products in the different niches so choosing the right products for your market can be difficult at times. You wouldn’t want to promote something that…

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7 Ways To Increase Productivity In 2017


Do you often feel that you have so many things on hand that you wish to accomplish but just can’t find the time and energy to complete them? Or the thought of starting a new task itself turns you off instantly? If so, here are 7 ways to help you increase productivity in 2017. 1. Avoid…

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How To Increase Your Email Subscriber List?

Having an email list is a must if you are going to grow your online income. I’ve heard this phrase for the longest time, often quoted by successful Internet Marketers – “The Money Is In The List.” It’s 100% true. There is also a saying that an email is worth a dollar a month. Of…

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The One Thing I Learned From Peng Joon

Peng Joon is an awesome guy! Apart from his travelings around the world conducting seminars and imparting his knowledge to people, he also shares valuable lessons on his Facebook page especially in areas of entrepreneurship. And if you do not know who Peng Joon is, he is a very successful Internet Marketer who has spoken…

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