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alibaba book
by Victor Lee

I must admit I am a lazy person. And it is always a weakness that I see in myself. I

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STWW Convention 2015 - Penang
by Victor Lee

24-26 October 2015 marked our STWW Annual Convention and its success for the last 15 years. I am honoured to

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by Victor Lee

This post may come a little late as I was busy in the past week with our STWW Annual Convention

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twenty years later
by Victor Lee

This is not a post about some Back To The Future thing. This is a video I would like to

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by Victor Lee

This is probably an old tale that I am about to share. One day, a shoe sales company decided to

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by Victor Lee

Meet my new toy – a GoPro Hero camera. I have just received it from Friso Singapore for winning the Father’s

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