The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 5)

Continued from The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 4)


U is for Uplines. Your uplines in this business can be your best friend, coach and mentor. Take note that when I refer to your uplines, I may not be referring to your sponsor. This is because your sponsor may just be a product user or lover who shared the wonderful product with you. Hence, I am referring to your uplines who are actively working their businesses. In a network marketing business, all uplines want success for their teams, because this is a profession where people help each other to succeed. Only when the team or downlines become successful in the business, the uplines will in turn become successful. Such is the nature of network marketing. Therefore, always trust your uplines with their advice and work very closely with them toward your success.


V is for Visualisation. Visualisation in network marketing is the act of creating mental images of yourself achieving success in your business. This is a very powerful tool that you can use to attract the outcome you want in your business. You can visualise about anything in this business. You can visualise closing a prospect, you can visualise building a big team, you can visualise achieving your dreams and buying your dream house and car, and you can visualise delivering the most powerful and empowering speech to your team. Visualisation is a powerful tool. (more…)

How Much Are You Worth?

Recently, I heard someone mention this topic, “How much are you worth?”

What struck me is the answer that follows. Yes, it is an answer that I have never heard of and have never given thought to. This answer totally changed my perspective of how much I am worth, or rather, what is my self worth? (more…)

The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 4)

Continued from The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 3)

P-Positive Thinking

P is for Positive Thinking. Positive thinking is the key to success in anything you do. When faced with challenges, it is the attitude and mindset that will help you conquer the challenges and it begins with positive thinking. Your positive thoughts will create positive emotions which lead to positive action and results. Also, remember network marketing is a duplication business. Your positivity will be duplicated to your organisation. Similarly, any negativity will also be duplicated down. Never, ever display negativity to your downlines. Stay positive at all times.


Q is for Quick. No, I am not talking about getting rich quick here. I am talking about building your organisation quickly. Success loves speed, and the faster or quicker your organisation grows, the earlier you find success in network marketing. By building your network quickly, you are demonstrating to your business partners that success is achievable. (more…)

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