Brooks Marina Run 2015

Brooks Marina Run 2015

I have always disliked running as a sport for as long as I could remember. Even when I was in my primary school days, I dreaded running as part of my Physical Education. All other sports were fine even though I am not a very sporty person but when it comes to running, I would avoid it at all costs.

Naturally, when my lovely wife asked me to go for the Brooks Marina Run 2015, my first response was (more…)

2015 Goals


It’s been a month since 2015 started. Like many others, I have thought about my goals for 2015 and had them written down. However, I have taken January to evaluate how determined am I to achieve my goals set for 2015, as well as to evaluate what are the habits that are stopping me from achieving my goals as these habits are carried on from last year.

I must say that procrastination is still my biggest (more…)

Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard


I first saw Brendon Burchard at the National Achievers Congress in 2014, held at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore. Brendon gave me the impression of a highly motivated, high energy speaker on stage. Because I did not know him before, I was very surprised at how this young man can connect with his audience on stage.

I began paying attention to him as he shared how he changed his life because of a car accident. Back then, it was just a story. Just another story of how someone changed his when he finally appreciates life before close to losing it. There are many such stories around in the world.

However, there is something about Brendon Burchard that made me want to know more (more…)

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