The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 4)

Continued from The A-Z of Network Marketing (Part 3)

P-Positive Thinking

P is for Positive Thinking. Positive thinking is the key to success in anything you do. When faced with challenges, it is the attitude and mindset that will help you conquer the challenges and it begins with positive thinking. Your positive thoughts will create positive emotions which lead to positive action and results. Also, remember network marketing is a duplication business. Your positivity will be duplicated to your organisation. Similarly, any negativity will also be duplicated down. Never, ever display negativity to your downlines. Stay positive at all times.


Q is for Quick. No, I am not talking about getting rich quick here. I am talking about building your organisation quickly. Success loves speed, and the faster or quicker your organisation grows, the earlier you find success in network marketing. By building your network quickly, you are demonstrating to your business partners that success is achievable. (more…)

The Law of Forgiveness

law of forgiveness


The other day when I was attending a class, suddenly I hear a voice speak to me out of nowhere.

“Let it go.” it said. The voice was inside my head.

Somehow, I knew it was referring to my parents.

I love my parents. They have brought me up well and since young, I know that I owe everything I have to them. Still, as asians, we tend to hold our emotions and expressions of love to ourselves and I am very influenced by this culture.

As asians, we (more…)

Everything That Happened To You Happened For You

I just accidentally deleted a very important note on my notepad. This notepad has many of my ideas and lessons I learned in the past months and while attempting to delete another note from my notepad, I deleted this important one instead.

In the past, I would have freaked out. I would have panicked and frantically tried to find ways to recover the deleted notes. Well, this time, I did try to find a way (more…)

Satisfaction – Key To Success?


Many people are looking for satisfaction in their life. We want to be satisfied in life, in marriage, in career, and in sex. When we do not achieve satisfaction in the things we do, we become unhappy. Often we associate people who are not satisfied in life to be unsuccessful. When you are satisfied with what you have (more…)

The A-Z Of Network Marketing (Part 3)

Continued from The A-Z Of Network Marketing (Part 2)


K is for KISS. No I am not asking you to kiss someone’s a$$ into network marketing. KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Many professionals are into network marketing because this is a highly lucrative industry that offers very lucrative compensation plans. Some of these professionals are very capable people who already excel in their own work. Needless to say, they are also smart people. However, we must understand that network marketing needs things to be kept simple and not complicated for the model to work well. The business model must be simple and easily duplicable. Therefore, take note not to bring in new ideas into your organisation and even if you do, always check with your uplines first.


L is for Leverage. Leverage is the only reason for this business to do so well. In fact, leverage is the reason how ordinary people can become millionaires in this business. In network marketing, the power of leverage are often demonstrated through the compensation plans. The 5, 25, 125 plans explain how you can use the power of leverage to grow an organisation to a huge size through effort and time. Downlines leverage on their uplines experience and knowledge and uplines leverage on their downlines’ network and work hand in hand. (more…)

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